Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ki

Jaise hum har Month apna 
Data Pack Recharge 
karwate hai na.

Waise hi shayad koi mere 
Problems bhi har Month
Recharge karwa raha hai.

#YQbaba#problems#data #recharge

20 MAR AT 20:08

Dearest Writers,

Today we have many winners of #data challenge. Participate daily, practice and become better. Interact with fellow writers to garner followers.

1. Word of the day is FACEBOOK. Use the word inventively in a poem or a story or a one-liner. Language no bar.

2. Fill in the blank: I unfriended ___________.

Use #facebook for the word of the day. For fill in the blank, use #unfriend. Add #YQbaba in caption to be discovered by my followers. Winners of #data are: Poonam Ritu Sen, Rudra Pagar, Binish Usmani (wonderful post), Shobhana Basnet (2 posts), Monica Swain, Ishika Parekh, Neha Patodia, Nandini Mehrotra, Pardeep Chahal, Ayena Makkar Girdhar, Akash Pandya (smart one), Kamalika Ray, Prem Kumar Chanda, Anant Sharma, Kunwar Pratap Singh, Ritika Nagpal, Bharath Nandibhatla, Anushka Diya, Ashutosh Mishra (best one in Hindi), Gayatri Bhatia Sharma, Ziddi Satya, Sudha Pathak, Harsha Singh (good one, featured on Insta already), Jehan B Kothari, Uchiha Madara, Akanksha Priyadarshini, Prerona Dutta, Prashant Pundir (2 posts), Vidhi Bomb, Khyati Gautam, Shobhna Bhandari, Manvi Jani, Indhumathi Nagarajan and as always, umar farook. I liked the ones that almost made it. P.S. Join the Facebook group. Videos of our Open Mic are out. Link in my bio.

15 MAR AT 19:30

With Millions of Data to Accumulate,
He Gathered Information about all the sad Faces,
He took Charge of it,
And Starts his journey by spreading smile on their Face.

Imagine how the world will change if we accumulate all the sad faces around us and work on how to make them SMILE. Will us notice anything Negative Around us then ? And the Answer is NO. The main reasin we all are sad is because we all have some NEGATIVITY hidden inside us ! And that negativity lead us toward sadness ! We just have to remove that Negativity :). Because all of us a lot of Positivity Inside us but it gets lots somewhere between few negative thoughts :) we just need to clear the dust from our Positivity :D And we'll see a lot of change in ourself and in our surrounding as well ❤ May God Bless You All With Tons Of Happiness And Joy ! Keep Smiling Stay Blessed ! #Data #Charge #Challenge #Accumulate #YQBaba #Smile #Love #Life #Positivity #Positive #InkScribbler #SpreadSMILE #SpreadLOVE #SpreadHAPPINESS

15 MAR AT 18:39