Lover's mist...
        - A conversation between two souls 

By ~ Riya

Lover's Mist- A conversation between two souls. A conversation beautifully penned by Riya Khanna, Umang Nathani, Varun Kumar and Niharika Karan If you are here, you can see my pain.. Wandering here and there, and become insane.. Broken heart, gives so much of pain.. Not easy to forgive and come back again.. I Am standing under dark, drinking rain.. Please come back, don't let our Love go in vain.. If I come back, will you hold on to me forever? Because I still love you, and don't want to lose you ever. I will make you my queen, whatever it takes.. Will be with you, whatever it breaks.. I stood by your side, day and night.. To polish your stance, to turn you bright.. I know you trusted me, made me strong... Now things have fallen, things went wrong.. I tried too hard, and gave you so much.. Now feelings are shattered, and heart lost its touch. Give me one more chance, I'll make things right.. I love you so much, and will never fight.. I don't want to cry, and shed tears no more You won't do it again, are you sure? Yes I am sure, I want you by my side.. With dignity, with respect, I want you with pride.. My heart trusts you, and it beats for you.. Lets Walk along, and make our dreams come true.. Dream of yours, we will live together.. No matter how much, storming is the weather.. And if you say so, I come back to you.. For I want nothing but your love and you.. #Love #Conversations #souls #loveForever #YQBaba

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