The night has its share of secrets
I have mine,
Both decided to share some
Over a glass of wine,
It talked and talked
I watched as it's burden grew lighter
As for me, I just listened
A mute spectator
As the dawn knocked around the corner,
We called it a night!!
It went to sleep, happier and calmer
While I couldn't sleep, for the sun was too bright

😂😂😂 A random thought popped into my mind and I just went with the flow. Can't think of a caption for this incident... suggestions are welcome. So are the corrections #night #yqbaba #conversations #wine Love the new fonts n wallpapers Thank u yqteam 😊😊😊



Mrs Sinha brought snacks and soft drinks on a tray. She offered a glass to Ayesha. Ayesha took it from her hand and smiled. Mrs Sinha smiled back in response.
Mr Sinha finally mustered up some courage and said, “We are so glad to finally meet you Ayesha. We have heard a lot about you.”
Ayesha did not know what to say so she kept silent. She was fidgeting. Naveen noticed that.
“Have some more kaju barfi Ayesha,” Mrs Sinha said and pushed the tray towards Ayesha. Ayesha picked up one. “Don’t feel shy beta.”
Ayesha saw a picture of a boy playing a guitar. “Who’s that?” she asked pointing at the frame.
“That’s our Naveen,” Mr Sinha said.
“Really? No way? Is that really you?” Ayesha asked Naveen. “I didn’t know you could play the guitar.” 
“Oh, there are a lot of things you don’t know about him,” Mr Sinha said.
And so, the conversation took off and Mr and Mrs Sinha told many incidents from Naveen’s life over lunch. They all laughed over the funny bits. Ayesha didn’t feel shy anymore. Naveen was relaxed seeing Ayesha bonding with his parents.  
Mr Sinha signalled Naveen to come with him to the other room. Naveen followed him. He wondered what his dad wanted to talk about.

Isn't it so hard to start a conversation with someone you've only just met? (Extroverts are wondering what the hell am I talking about.) The meeting at Sinhas' house has progressed a lot in this part. But now Mr Sinha wants to talk to Naveen about something. Let's find out what it is tomorrow in the final part of Meeting. Thank you all for being such awesome readers. I hope you love this one. And remember, your feedback is really appreciated. #story #meeting #conversations

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