"You look gorgeous just the way you are"; 
Said the photo editor.

If getting fair complexion a treatment then is dark  complexion a disease???

The general concept of photo editor applications these days is to make people look, "fair". You can check any photo editor none of which has an feature to make people black. Why are we so conscious about the fair looks? Colorism has been a camouflaged social evil which even today has destroyed many lives. The genral market trend has set a prescription that, "fair is nice" where cosmetic gaints like fair and lovely have promoted this disgraceful concept to the next level. My point here is that, why can't people be allowed to love how they look naturally, without filters or fairness creams or some cosmetic surgery? Why is looking fair become a treatment? Is dark skin a disease??? #yqbaba #reality #people #colour #society #culture

18 MAR AT 7:44