My eyes darted to him
Searching for possibilities of affinity... 
But then he mentioned a girl
And I thought what I fantasized was a failure.. 

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First week of college, Intro sessions seemed anything but danger. He said his name, And got a tag of graceful dancer. My eyes darted to him, Searching for possibilities of affinity. He smiled at me, After what seemed like an eternity. Days passed by, He now was the favourite senior. Then he mentioned a girl, And I thought what I fantasized was a failure. Thoughts cleared, I looked forward to a platonic relation. But then that trip, And he confessed a crush beyond my expectation. Flattered, surprised, I had no idea how to react. Thought I should consider, And started searching for qualities that would attract. I found many, And I was glad. But there came hurdles that I could not ward. Time spent with him Started to become fav. And all the clogs Seemed smaller than what we had. Lots of deliberations​, And many sleepless nights later, I decided something, That would change my life for the better​. Our story, my words. #dedicated #crush_turned_love #bae #love #poetrylove #YQbaba #college

18 MAR AT 16:47

What happened to the late night walks?
The never ending pillow talks?
The roadside pav bhaji,
The late night snacking at Juhu Chowpati,
The Malai Gola at the Marine drive,
 Your laughs that made me feel alive.
The evening chai we used to have at church gate,
The sound of your sips always increased the taste.
The Pani Puri wala always failed,
To make it too spicy, for you never bailed,
Your eyes will go red but you always craved,
For the last piece and I will pretend I caved.
I miss those nights, 
And I miss this city ,
I miss those stupid fights, 
And the ice cream above your lips that made you look more pretty.
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After four years of college, The fast foods still remain, But without your company, They just don't entertain. So I roam alone the streets we once walked hand in hand, In the hope that maybe someday I will find you near the same stand, And ask was our friendship that weak, That all it took was three words, To make all the memories blurred, And end whatever it was between us, To make us strangers again, Strangers who know more about each other, Than they know about themselves. #YQbaba #love #food #Mumbai #hangouts #college #life

18 MAR AT 14:11