Neither I am a beggar
Nor I wanna snatch
If change is what is desired
I will- 
And become what is desired...



Menstrual hygiene day
(Read the caption)

You cannot visit any holy place, You cannot enter the kitchen, You cannot experience the sun rise, You cannot be around ceremonies & rituals, You cannot touch the pickle, You cannot make your food, You cannot even sleep on bed, You cannot do this, you cannot do that. Entangled inside such innumerable restrictions, She's been judged as how she's walking, what she's wearing, how is she handling herself, is her clothes stained. Why can't we understand if a girl is in her menstrual cycle, she's that normal girl only which she was back 4 days? Why can't man not help a woman during her cycles? Even if a man helps a woman, why didn't the women consider it right? Why a normal girl in her periods is seen as abnormal? Why cannot she behave normally? A phase of 4-7 days of every month in a female's life, Doesn't let her do her normal things, let her be seen as unacceptable. Simply because she's bleeding. Only when a girl bleeds, she's considered as a "GIRL", a man can never feel the pain she suffer every other month with. But still can be supportive. It's the confirmation of her gender, & it's a proof that she can now give birth to a new living with her blood. But the contradictory yet strange fact is , A girl in her periods is still a taboo for some or for many or for most. & the girl not able to be in her periods is a taboo in her own. ______________________________________________________ #menstrualhygieneday #MHD #girl #YQbaba #taboo #periods #menstrualcycles #lifeofagirl #think #change #support #socialcause #transform #28may #random