Save her,
Educate her,
Let her fly,
Celebrate the birth of an Angel,
That can make you proud,
At least giver her life a try.

#celebration #YQbaba Thanks for nominating me Ranjeeta Nath Ghai I further nominate Prashant Pundir Pushpendra Singh Jadoun Nikhila Peri Dheeraj Dave Ranjeeta Ashesh

19 APR AT 18:46

Tu jashn aazadi ka ya kaid umr bhar ki..
Tu din dhoop ka ya chhav sitaro ki...

Manzile aaj bhi gumshuda bhatakti rahi teri raho me..
 Jaane kis bazm ki paheli hai tu ae zindagi


18 APR AT 23:19

Hope is not scared to be vulnerable.
It can not be trapped, or easily erased.
It's like the sea, 
spread wide and vast...
Like love that is vital for the whole world.
It's not just a choice that's made once.
It is to believe each and every moment, 
that wisdom is a strength stronger than all.
That kindness is like the song, 
which can be sung by all.
That peace is not just an option, 
it is a compulsion.
That faith is not just a word,
 it is the greatest muse.
That humanity shall not be hidden, 
but shall be celebrated every moment, 
and shall spread equally amongst all.

💙💙💙 #Hope #Peace #Humanity #Celebration #YQBaba Thank you Ranjeeta Nath Ghai for nominating me, wonderful this challenge is. I hope this quote fits in your challenge. 😇🙏

17 APR AT 23:15

It had been almost a year. I heard a creak while I was half asleep, bedroom door slammed wide open. I smelled lilies. Someone came in and left flowers next to my bed with a note that said, "Be you without me". That night I heard a gunshot too. Fingers, that once scribbled the letter, pulled the trigger this time, straight through that naive skull.

Yesterday on the streets, I smelled lilies again. I'm reminded of the peace that celebrated its first anniversary of absence in me, since you left, merely a 'note'.

Those lilies didn't wilt, I water them with my tears, even today. #celebration #yqbaba Nominated and initiated by: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai I hope you like it.

17 APR AT 23:09

Is it the Carnival of Rust?
Or the celebration of broken trust
Has the Wheel of Fortune still turning
Or the scheduled rounds are concluded
Is this the thud of gust?
Or the whoosh of explosion
Has the sun yet to shine
Or the rain still crying
Is this the fête of trounce
Or the festivity of whine
Has the dream yet to prolong
Or the Nightmare has affirmed conquest
Is it the Carnival of Rust?
Or the matter of broken trust

#celebration#trust#initiate#challenge#YQbaba#tpmd#NaPoWriMo Thanks for the challenge Ranjeeta Nath Ghai mam

17 APR AT 22:03