तुम पर ही शुरु ,, तुम पर ही खत्म 
मेरी दुआओं की मियाद उस परवरदिगार से


19 MAR AT 8:23

Watch out for stray kites drifting along moors;
The hue of indigo red streaks colouring dawn;
A glistening faraway mirage on mid summer noon;
The resonating gong from a bell tower yonder;
Pretty wild flowers growing by the garage dirt;
Dainty dandelion seeds carried by a soft zephyr;
A laughing Buddha amid the discarded junk pile;
Sweetie, seek me out in spectacles seldom cherished.

Initiating the #perfectsquare challenge. #openchallenge Write quotes with equal number of lines and words in each line. Choose any number of your choice (1*1 or 2*2 or 3*3 and so on....) For example, my quote has 8 lines with 8 words in each line. To start with I nominate Sara Jothi, Mahathi Anand, Abhinav Nair, Sushantha and as always Prerona Dutta to take up the challenge if interested. #watchout #me #spectacle #celebration #YQBaba

16 MAR AT 14:49

Oh!! death how silent you are ...
Initiate from our cry when we born,
Last celebration from other's cry when we die.


12 MAR AT 23:15