hawao me khusiyon ki mehak hai...
har taraf khusi ka mahol hai...
sare rashme nibhae jaa rhi...
fir v kuch kami si hai...
fir ehsaas huwa...
in palo me tum mere sath nae....


26 MAY AT 16:31

Mourn the living and celebrate the dead! 

For the dead are definitely more wise about life than the living...


24 MAY AT 19:46

You know, when she talks,
the universe breaks into a ballet
over the vermillion 
of her supple lips.

MADNESS. I want to be the moonlight that embraces the dainty frame of her silhouette by the waist.You see, I want to be the silver that lines her assaultive eyelashes. You know what I mean when I say, I want to be the fresh gasp of air she breathes in when she awakes every morning. I want to be the lightest drop of foam that drips down from her shampoo-ed hair and tickles her round her neck, causing her to grin a little with her eyes still closed. You know, when she talks, the universe breaks into a ballet over the vermillion of her supple lips. You see, I can't love her without celebrating the festival that she is. It's like moments that go by were longing to exist just so she would chance upon smiling on one of them. #love #madness #lips #celebration #spilledink #wordgasm #life #lovequotes

22 MAY AT 16:10


(the story in caption)

#yqbaba #yqdidi Seema, i am leaving for the office." "But today is sunday and it's already afternoon ." she sounded bit confused ,"What office do u have today? Don't lie. If you have made a movie plan with your friends ,you can tell me ." Upps! he was caught and for a moment turned blank.What should he say now? There was no other option left,he had to reveal . "Why do u always doubt on me? But yes! you are right ,i am going for a movie,SORRY" he said this like a regretting child ,who asks money for a pencil but actually buys a candy and gets caught by his mother. "yeah yeah !! i know.Go now" . Though scrimpy,his long stretch on 'Sorry' could subside all her furries .it is not merely a word, it has the power to heal the crack in relationship.If not said at the proper time with a proper tone ,it can create crates in relationships ,as deep as one created by meteors on the surface of Earth . It is that powerful. Seema loved the child living in Raj .She could not help but smile at him. He said bye and the scene ended. An hour later around 1o'clock ,when she was doing the dishes she recieved his call . " hello Seema , my friends are saying that every woman would choose red over black . I bet they are wrong .What do u think ?" "No Raj, it's individual's choice . You can not predict for all the woman out there." "Ohk ! ohk! But what would you choose? " "it depends on the stuff;sometimes i like black ,sometimes i like red... it depends....." she was stubbed in the mid of her statement. "Shutup! u big mouth . CHOOSE ONE ! " he begged .He could not bear anymore,Seema speaks a lot .Raj says if there is any taking competion ,Seema would always win it. Btw, seema chose BLACK ,which means he won the bet. *call hung up* She again got busy with her household jobs. Done with dishes ,she moved to dusting ,then to the clothes ,prepared the lunch for Raj's old mother ,fed Lilly and set her asleep.Hardly had she finished all the works and was about to take a breathe of relief ,when a notification popped. "i was just wondering, what would Lilly really like to wear on her birthday .You know it's just a weak to go. i am so exiceted about it." "And am exhausted! Dont text me . Enjoy your movie with your FRIENDSzzzz " she replied. Again a message popped " Yes! i love you too! But tell me what will she like? please..." "She is just 11 months ,she doesn't know to choose . We can buy her anything we like. Now , concentrate on your movie and dont text . " She replied little annoyed. She was tired; she wanted to simply close her eyes and loose herself before lilly and Raj's mother woke up . It was the only time during the whole day when Seema could take some rest. Both Lilly and mom were at peace with bed,so seema need not care. But his messages poked her after every two minutes. He seemed irritating that day. "you are driving me nuts ,today . Let me take rest ,for God's sake." "i love you too yaar! But don't forget mum's medicine . It is time.." Oh damn! she had forgotten such an important thing. She then rushed into the next room . If she skips her medicine once ,she will have to start the course all over again. He saved her !! "Thankyou so much.Otherwise, i would have missed it.Bye now." "ohk! i have one more question." "or leave it . bye" the very next moment she read this over her phone, now she could clearly understand that something was fishy.Raj never called or messaged her so much during the day .Ofcourse he did but that only once or twice not every second.Raj was not with his friends,he was not watching movie . He was not chilling with colleagues. He was doing something else. But what? She then stopped herself from brooding over it.She had no energy to let her brain waste it over a silly matter.A cozy comfty bed calling her. In the evening around 5 o'clock ,she again got his call ."listen,you will recieve a parcel. Don't open it. It's not for us . It's what i have got for my boss to please him for the promotion" . He sounded as if he was in hurry and hung up the call.What was Raj doing? Was he planning something? But why would he? There was nothing special that day? Seema gave a thought but couldn't make out what was going on. Anyways, she had Lilly to handle. She could not sit and brood over thatt silly matter. But still she had thoughts about it at the back of her mind. At 8:00, a car honked .Seema knew it was Raj. Where had he been whole day ? And irritating her over the phone.She was little annoyed by him but then it didn't matter. She opened the door. "what's all that for?" she exclaimed looking at the pile of so many wrapped gifts. She was happy though. Here was Raj,the only man of his family-a little sweet world.His family included Seema,his wife , his old mother and his lovely daughter ,Lilly.The three woman comprised all the happiness . .Seema unwrapped all the gifts.. He had got everything for them. A 'black gown' with matching 'wedges'.A cute frock for Lilly.A cake, candles, balloons ,decorations,cold drinks (a bottle of wisky too for his wife .lol).EVERYTHING. Seema's happiness caught its peak.Raj then held her hand and moved it in his pocket.Two gold bangles! She then took out and read the the tag attached with them aloud - 'To the most beautiful woman in this whole world -MAA'.The old lady sitting in one corner of the room got attentive suddenly. Seema put them into her arms. The wrinkled face stretched and blushed ,the half-blind eyes welled up for no reason.He hugged his wheel chair-ridd mother and the world experienced a 'magical moment'. "But,what is all this for?"Seema asked . "Today is my day" he answered. They partied,had lots of fun ,watched movies that night and enjoyed to the fullest. They were only four. Seema in the mid of the fun scrolled her facebook wall. There you go! WOMEN'S DAY post only. It was then she found the reason behind all this. Its was then when she understood the difference between his husband and the rest. It was then she felt proud over her choice of a partner like Raj. He had been shopping all day for the women of his life. When the whole world was busy posting status on facebook and congratualting their virtual friends ,he did what was meant to be done on that day! Next morning, Seema found a family picture in the dining room and a wrapper in the dustbin which said "for my dear boss". #yoprowrimo #shortstories #family #womens #day #true #care #respect #wife #love #mother #daughter #fake #gentlman #womensday #celebration #funwithfamily #happy #proud #nuture

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We love you mom
Happy mother's day 
आप ना होती तो हम ना होते 
तेरे बिन कैसे जीते


14 MAY AT 19:12