It's okay if you hold the pen and write nothing.

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#YQBaba #Art Things that I've learned so far. 1. Headaches are just a part of life. Don't complain. Go. Sleep. Make art. 2.Art and authority never go hand in hand. Art ends from where it begins and begins from where it ends. There is no pause. 3.It's okay if you hold the pen and write nothing. It's okay if you hold the guitar and play nothing. It's okay if you hold the camera and click nothing. It's okay if you hold the brush and paint nothing. Sometimes, even this nothing teaches you everything. Okay ? Breathe. 4. Reality is a bitch. It will knock you down everytime. It would be better if you learn how to stand up again. 5. Your every work won't be a masterpiece. So, stop crying and create the greatest work the world will ever see. If they call it "crap" then create a masterpiece out of it. 6.Remember, we all are artists in disguise. They judge you ? Okay. They are doing their work but are you doing yours? Make art. 7. Not everyone in this world will understand you. 8. Regrets lead to more regrets. Better to say sorry and smile. 9. Fall in love with yourself. Embrace your flaws more than your perfections. Sometimes, it's just the rain and sunrays you need to grow up. Do things that make you happy whether people appreciate it or not. You are art. You are healer. 10 . Don't be an artist. Be art. Β©Ayushi Kainthola PC : Google