Sometimes, I wonder at trees which grow along the road. 
I see them when I travel to somewhere, 
Somewhere I would not like to mention.
From my window. 
That is not my window actually.
And they amaze me.
Passing by, like a trail of some beautiful mechanic's path. Lively yet dead. 
And they spend their whole life at a place. 
Maybe they fall in love with their sky, 
Or maybe with the little that changes.
Maybe, I think too much.
But, I think they are so much like you are, for me.

#YQbaba #maybe Well, I wrote this in my diary long ago. So, was not thinking of using it here. Today only when i am in a bus right now, i get to remember this seeing the trees along the road.


She is  beautifully stubborn
                I'm fine
                  I lied.

And It's to difficult to find the point Beginning of love . We search for someone to trust but are so scared to .That's why it is important to guard our thoughts and use them so wisely. #Herstory complete but not finished. #Yourquote #Shortstory #YQbaba