..you were the adventure 
I seldom met..

..but then, love on those abandoned
railway tracks never run..

You're the type of love found in some deep valleys, in between some rusty hills or maybe some far away forests amongst trees and bushes. I being passionate for adventure never stopped but loved exploring things out of their presence. I went on and on untill I found you. It was the time that compelled me to stay and soak the moment more than once, to which I named forever. You collected the stones people threw at you and spread it among the tracks you tread on. You feared worse so made a place for yourself in remotes. I loved you when no one couldn't because no one could see what I saw in you, not even you. You were never an end to my adventures because I knew, you were adventure to me. But you were the adventure I seldom met but it was fine because adventure was in the soul. I wish I could have explored you more, but love on those abandoned railway tracks never run. You just walk through them, gaze their scars, try to fantasize stories of their past and keep walking untill pain crashes you to your senses. Then you'll realise, adventure risks what you explored and fires soul to the unexplored. #love #travel #pain #adventure #railway #tracks #nature #risk #explore #meet #YQbaba

22 MAY AT 22:56