A poem, is it
That you ask me to write?
It is a Grammar Nazi's
Worst nightmare you realise?

Not saying this is the case for all Grammar Nazis out there. But it is definitely a hardship for me... #YQBaba #poem #grammarnazi Open challenge #napowrimo by Harsh Snehanshu. Write 1 poem per day for each day of a month

30 MAR AT 17:08

Who does more preparation?

A grammar Nazi student before an English exam?
The teacher before checking his paper?

Once upon a time, when Prem was a kid! 💁😂😂 Wait.... He still is! 🐕🐕😛😛😂😂 Haan to mudde ki baat ye hai 💁 Ki Aaj time travel krte h.. Socho... 🤔 A few years back.. When Prem had an English Exam next day... He studied more for the exam?? Or The teacher prepared himself to check the paper and Face #TheGrammarNazi itself! 😎😂😂 #okayBye 😂😂😂 Kya h ki Jaan mjhe apni pyari h.. Isliye ab mere bhagne ki baari h! 💁🏃🏃🏃 #Tata 🤗😂😂😂😂 Cc: Anupma Verma Sneha Dewani Abhishek Nagpal Archana Kulkarni Shubhi Khare Saurabh Pratap S Singh Piyush Saini 😂😂😂 #GrammarNazi #English #Exam #Syappa #Aatank #Teacher #Prepare #check #Kuchhbhi 😛

22 MAR AT 18:58

Your so happy
Correcting there errors.
Please checked
these too. 😛


#grammarnazi 😂 just wanna make you busy 😂 #3322 😂 ✌

2 MAR AT 12:57

Prem- Amazing quote! 😍😍😍
She- Thank you Love! 😘😘

Prem (In mind) - Why did I even comment! 

From that day, Prem stopped appreciating, and started correcting. 
And that, people, is how Prem became "The Grammarnazi".

Just because Prem's hindi is weak, she did chalaki. 😂😂😂 Now you know it people 😎😎 Prem Kumar Chanda 😂😂 #heshepremmeme #grammarnazi #prem 😂😂

1 FEB AT 20:44