यह प्यार मोहब्बत रास न आया किसी को,
फिर क्यों दिल तुझे देख कर धड़कता है।



When he couldn't find peace in love he turned to his demons....!!!



tere hone se hi mera hona hae 😘☝💓💓

tujhko khona jesa khudko khona 👀💋💘💘


26 MAY AT 20:09

tapori💛story #3

                           His open-mindset

      " he lived in poverty and fighted 
        everyday with life but never give 
        up his smile as he was self-
        controlled and confident that he 
        will kill all those demotivations 
        and that heart filled with fear and 
        now he has happily succeeded 
        as a cab driver and droves the all 
        Pain to their destiny to hell"-
                                          Happily him

His life tapori💜story #3 #yqbaba

24 MAY AT 13:59

My Poisonous Oxygen 

The wind stopped coming,
But ,It left chills in my spine,
I started sweating again,
And trembled in cold.

(Full poem in Caption)

#YQBaba #YoPoWriMo #repost #moments_apricot #3 Part 3 of Series moments underscore apricot It's already summer now Fan in my room has broke down I opened my usually shut windows Wind from apricot tree slowly filled room Long time ago,I used to be Head over heal in love with you My time used to expand Like your cheeks when pinched And used to contract Like your mouth when you shrilled One day I asked your father How much he would require To give you permanently to me He laughed and showed his two hands Bracketing full moon and some stars I did what I could do,at that point Planted the only rupee coin I had watered it earnestly,till you found And laughed hysterically at my plan. You see ,an apricot tree bloomed there All of our best times are frozen there One day we had our first fight Later that night we had our first kiss You whispered most beautiful words Made beautiful just because its you I don't understand how or why it happened Your place was exchanged with rusted coin I always keep it in my pocket And carry its burden in my heart The wind has permeated every inch now Denied of our future,calendar lightened up And started fluttering ,making strange sounds Unable to bear those voices,I shut windows again The wind stopped coming But ,It left chills in my spine I started sweating again And trembled in cold

24 MAY AT 7:52

Soul but Endeavors 
     the Truth and not
               the Perfection

#3 yqbaba

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Alone,I walk through the road indulged in own thoughts, when the final bell of the other school declares it's closing time. Students begin to rush to their parents waiting outside with smiles.It kinda hurts when you see other kids enjoying their day with their parents and you go on alone throughout..not fair right?? Finally I reach the park as my soul doubles in pain and solitude.As soon as I enter the park, my ears hear the sweetest musical voice.A girl's probably, strumming guitar.It was just..beyond beautiful that I gravitated there.Literally.I don't even realize why or how my feet move towards her. But oh boy!The girl does steal my breathe away. This raven haired beauty sitting under the tree shining like a sun, burning me with her voice as she is having a go at it. With her eyes closed, and lips parted with the melodious voice sneaking out of them, she is simply the most gorgeous girl I have seen. I stand there like a stalker, staring at her for god knows how long when suddenly deep chocolate brown eyes I could just drown in...control Jim!! The deep brown orbs stares me with something I can't lay my fingers upon. Is it hostility or curiousity?Or is it worry or fear??!

G#3 #consumed #mistkecalledlove Hey guys Jimmy here! So..Ritika and I decided it would be better to ask the questions to me and not her..since this is about me. Yes you can always blame her for the edits and suggest her but any question regarding me, I will answer it on my own. Your views greatly matter and all the suggestions are highly appreciated Thanks to Shubhasmita Das for the proof read Kalyan Reddy Fatima Munir Saksham Sharma Rituparna Chatterjee Apurva Khandar Prerona Chatterjee Aishwarya Saha Anshul Joshi The Unsung Wit Jai Kumaar Stalin Ramu Aradhana Shukla Uddipta Kalita Harish Satheesan Subhashini Dhandayuthapani Nambi Thedoctor Ebube Stephanie Paayal Vashisht Aradhana Shukla

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