A part of me #3 - Mumma is home

After a long day, I managed to used all my super powers and reach home on the Friday evening from work. When all my friends showing up late for dinner and parties, I wanted to rush to home.
Yeah! He's waiting for me. To share his dinner time and eager to hear my day.
With a loud voice, "Mumma is home" ,I opened the door. It was a great shot, he wiped off my sweaty face with one lick! 

When all my friends were going out with colorful party wears , I quickly jumped into my pyjamas.
The phone kept on beep beep, filling with notification of selfies and status, he hastily run near to the phone and slide it off from table.

Yes, he needs me just for him now.
Dinner plates are ready, we sat together, omnomom! 

♥ Love is a four legged word ♥

A part of me#3 #puppy#puppylove


Smile at imperfections. 

The moment you start to cherish an imperfection,  that moment you have learnt to love.


21 APR AT 1:25

There is no duality in my life. If you love me, you will get my love.
Now, if you hate me, you will still get my love.

#3 #love#YQbaba

19 APR AT 18:12