Soumya Mukherjee







Our songs may not sync, but hey at least we just played some music while comparing.

No matter what, let's not stop the conversations. :)

30 NOV 2016 AT 4:06

If a lie cannot hide within a truth, how would a truth hide within a lie?

Oil and Water.

28 NOV 2016 AT 2:13

There will always be glory in conclusion
if you begin to see value in the steps you took.

The steps they do matter.

23 NOV 2016 AT 23:02

Don't want to
And trying not to
But I end up to
And end up to.

We all are aware of this feeling, aren't we?

21 NOV 2016 AT 0:22

Spoken unspoken the words of silence,
words which form a story called - 'Patience'.

The story called 'Patience'.

20 NOV 2016 AT 1:20