Sasha Samantha Abraham







All those little pockets of memories you make sneak up on you when it's too late.

I don't know if it sounds better in my head, but I remember the starts of all the things I'd eventually end. It's funny how we break apart to turn to new roads, but it worrisome that a new start will follow the same note. And the bits and pieces I still collect may lay heavy to make me full of dread, but I know I'd take no other fate for in those pockets I hid gold which at times, I still hate. #YQbaba #memories #NaPoWriMo

10 APR AT 21:48

For the simple pleasures of the moon's light
that overlooks the city unbothered,
for the edges, the ridges, the dented lines that caress his skin now unfettered,
for the shadows and views hued in red light that outline the beauty so subtle;
she was a fool for the unnoticed, that pass by in silence, unforced and forgotten.

Simple pleasures. Thanks for the tag Maha Devan ☺ #mymuse #challenge "She's a fool because she believes in miracles in a world where people are blinded by reality" - umar farook Open to all ☺ #YQbaba

9 APR AT 15:14