Rya Ray







You sent me a picture of
yourself when I insisted.
I wish we had
a picture of us.
Anyway, there are
several reasons why
we're drifting.
I am allowing myself
to be disappointed
by people other than you.
We'd have laughed
so much at this,
had we been
together in person.
But then, had we been
together in person,
I think we'd have been
a different story.
I'm tired of being angry.
I'm angry of being tired.
You've been asking me
how I have been. 
In other news,
did you read about
the ghost cities of China?

Conversations that collapse on themselves.

11 JAN AT 22:55

I think tragedy
is better understood 
in things that did not happen 
than in things that did.

Tragedies can be made up of negative space?

29 DEC 2016 AT 21:47

I've come to believe
that repetition
is the key to forget
more than it is
a key to remember.
There's a reason
why I've been saying
'You're beautiful'
again and again.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful.

4 JAN AT 13:58

It's taken me time
to understand
there are many things
that kill a man.
You don't need
to walk into the room with a .44
Simply walking in 
can do so much more.

To kill some one to make them feel alive.

12 NOV 2016 AT 9:02

"How will we remember each other?"
"We will, somehow."
"How will we forget each other?"
"We will, somehow."

Conversations and crimes of the dispassionate.

26 SEP 2016 AT 19:24