Rya Ray







You're play.
You're pause.

#4wordverse These four words are forewards to the letters that I didn't write. I'm too exhausted to figure out how it works but I saw that a few people had challenged me to a 4 word verse. Here goes.

4 DEC 2016 AT 4:39

If I were to describe
what our journey
has felt like,
all I'll need to tell them
shall be that we
were fireworks going off,
but only in reverse:

sparks flying at first,
lighting up skies
and then boxed up cold hearts,
sealed with goodbyes

Fireworks in reverse.

21 NOV 2016 AT 21:54

It's taken me time
to understand
there are many things
that kill a man.
You don't need
to walk into the room with a .44
Simply walking in 
can do so much more.

To kill some one to make them feel alive.

12 NOV 2016 AT 9:02