Rema Nair







Each time.
That I've pulled your chin my way and brushed away your fears, 
swam alongside you in the tides of your sorrows, 
pulled you along as I rose up to banish a drab world 
Each time. 
You have rebelled and looked away, 
perhaps unable to pay your gratitude.

In gratitude. #YQbaba

5 MAR AT 13:52

She'd waited all her life for her knight in shining armour; and when he finally arrived, she realized that some battles have to be fought on your own.

Of shining armours. #YQbaba

5 MAR AT 1:44

I kept trying to iron out the slightest of affection little knowing that under the wrinkly garb of your trespasses lay your love.

Of your love. #YQbaba

5 MAR AT 0:44

What is love but pain that we ironically can't seem to live without.

Love's but pain. #YQbaba

4 MAR AT 2:21