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My favorite apostrophe.

A few months back this sentence wouldn't have made any sense to me! XD Archana sorry for delay 😅😁 #Yourquotelogo #YQbaba

22 FEB AT 1:09

Will you be in all of my rarely-changed, self-centeredness दिखानेवाले profile pictures?

Because I don't like to make place for anyone else's face in my profile picture....unless...😉😶 #okbye #toovague? #hinglish #KJ1 #16wordproposal Archana I'll try to come up with better ones😝😅 Open challenge to whoever wants to try. Visit Kirti Jain's profile for details. (IG: ms.nyctophylia)

8 FEB AT 22:38

When you have so much haste,
And your assignment is "displaced",
You don't even have any time to waste!
Go to a friend whose test he aced,
And just copy paste, copy paste!

Copy it but change it a little so it doesn't look too obvious ok? #paste #YQbaba

3 FEB AT 21:01

My favorite element -

Wind, you make the trees sway;
Would you take my sorrows away?

Wind will always be my favorite element in nature. Still amateur at stuff like this. 😅 #breeze #YQbaba

18 JAN AT 13:57