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Nikitha Pandey 

I am just as a baby butterfly who is new to the world likewise I am new to the realm of writing.People love to watch butterflies and lose themselves in their blee.Likewise I desire to enchant people through my writings.

Shadow is the painting that light paints without using any color.

-The Ecstatic Pen

#shadow#light #painting#paint Inspired by Rumi's quote - "Both light and shadow are the dance of love." PC: Rohit Vohra (I stole it from instagram ;-))


I am 10 years old.They say I’m a bully.They say I’m cruel. But all I seek is attention. If I can’t get it naturally, I will demand it myself. Now that I've killed my dog, the cute brown one? Mom's fav? She made me volunteer in a animal farm. The owner was always smiling, I hated him for that. Irritated, I set the place on fire. It was funny watching those chickens run around, sad I was caught in it. But I died listening to people yelling my name, smiling.. Now my soul rests in peace with blood stained all over giving me relief.

Sara @The_Book_Addict_Says
 The Ecstatic Pen

Warning: Kids please don't read it. In collaboration with Indhumathi Nagarajan Sara Jothi on #PsychopathSays P.S : I really need a break the pic is so scary Ok bye for some time . Mummy!!! :-( :'(

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