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Harsh Snehanshu (हर्ष स्नेहांशु)

The non-cute co-founder of YQ. I write long poems, letters & build products. I will suggest grammatical edits quite matter-of-factly. Please don't mind. Edit your quote and delete my comment. This is just to uplift the quality of content. Feel free to point out edits or criticism in my posts too. Check YourQuote's YouTube Channel. Link below.


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You're a blackbody
that I mistook 
for a mirror.

On those who absorb love but not reflect.

18 JAN AT 2:53

As you sleep next to me,
I eavesdrop
on your breaths.
It speaks the language
of dreams, I can bet.

I inch my face closer
to breathe in the air
you exhale,
hoping to catch
your dream by its tail.

Things I do while you sleep. #poem Copying Rya Ray's signature style for this one.

19 MAR AT 4:27

Your handwriting
resembles our daughter's
when she will be nine.

On lovers with childlike handwriting.

22 MAR AT 0:40

"What are you good at?"
"Umm...losing interest. 
I do it really fast."

Candid confession.

18 MAR AT 17:21