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Harsh Snehanshu (हर्ष स्नेहांशु)

I write about simple things that often miss one's eyes in a very simple language. Striving to be simpler with time and experience. Started out as a writer. Realised there are no good writing platforms for smartphones. Started YQ with Ashish. Now on a mission to make the world write. My last book, Green Mango More: Stories from Childhood (2015), is a collection of 36 funny tales from my childhood. Link below.


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The stronger the love,
the deeper the hurt,

no matter how much
you trust your gut,

remember, my friend,
it's iron that rusts.

Rust. #YoPoWriMo Copying Rya Ray's signature style for this.

3 MAY AT 23:57

In a war, 
where both sides are wrong, 
the side which loses first, 

From my book, Because Shit Happened: What NOT to do in a start-up! (Penguin Random House, 2013)

26 MAY AT 14:23

To grow old together,
one has to stay young forever.

Because those young at heart don't keep grudges. #grow #young

10 MAY AT 17:50