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Harsh Snehanshu (हर्ष स्नेहांशु)

The non-cute co-founder of YQ. I write prose & build products. I will suggest grammatical edits quite matter-of-factly. Please don't mind. Edit your quote and delete my comment. This is just to uplift the quality of content. Feel free to point out edits in mine too.


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Felinist (noun/adjective)

A feminist who loves cats.

Dedicated to my felinist friend Rohini Roy. Lovely challenge #InventWord Ankush Tiwari.

17 FEB AT 19:39

You forgot your old helmet
in my scooter's dickey.

Every morning,
I take a long look at it
and wonder
what's the poetic implication
of a souvenir such as this.
Heart broken and life saved?
Or a warning
to not be reckless again?

Then I observe
how decrepit the helmet is
and smile. It is not a souvenir
but a reminder
of what I was to you:
a dust bin.

Helmet #poem PC: Vespa wallpapers

17 FEB AT 18:32


A short story in conversations

(In the caption below)

Conversation: ‘I want to write a story with just conversations.’ ‘No description?’ ‘No. Nothing at all.’ ‘Won’t people criticize it?’ ‘That’s why I want to write it. Until you break some rules and instigate people to criticize you, you aren’t doing anything great.’ ‘Is that overconfidence?’ ‘What do you think?’ ‘Appears like.’ ‘Then, let it be.’ ‘You didn’t answer my question.’ ‘You did instead.’ ‘Hmm. So what kind of story are you planning to write?’ ‘A simple conversation between two people.’ ‘What about?’ ‘About normal life, how do they perceive what other says, what other does.’ ‘Sounds interesting. What are these people going to be?’ ‘Human beings. Or two dogs. Or two ants. As you’d said, there’s going to be no description. So it’s up to the reader to decipher. ’ ‘Do you think the reader will care to decipher.’ ‘That is the reader’s responsibility. Not mine.’ ‘Really? How can you be insensitive to your readers?’ ‘I’m not being insensitive. I’m just pushing my readers to go a step beyond their normal reading habits. What’s the use of reading if everything is solved within the book with no provocation to think?’ ‘Makes sense. So who are these two people? Do you have any clue?’ ‘Yeah, kind of. Let's say they are common people, somebody like you and me, having just a little chat – like this one.’ ‘I still don’t get it. If you are writing about this conversation, how are you planning to end it?’ ‘Much the same way how the conversation reaches its end.’ ‘What if it doesn’t reach an end?’ ‘Do you wish to continue talking with me forever? Trust me, you will get bored.’ ‘Yes, you are right. I was just speculating. So what if it really is about this conversation?’ ‘Then I’ll just continue writing it as it goes further.’ ‘Will you include this line as well?’ ‘Yes, for sure. It’s the connecting strand between the continuing conversation.’ ‘But wouldn’t it take away the essence of the storyline that your story might be having.’ ‘What if the story doesn’t have a storyline?’ ‘In that case, it’s just going to be a drab tale. No-one is going to read it.’ ‘Aren’t you being over-confident?’ ‘Haha. You are shooting with my own bullet! Not fair.’ ‘What’s fair?’ ‘Death, maybe. It meets each one of us.’ ‘Why not life then? It also meets us all.’ ‘Yes, but life is not fairly distributed. Someone gets more life, some others get less.’ ‘You mean years, right?’ ‘Yes, years but that’s life.’ ‘Not at all. You can have more life in lesser years, less life in more years. It depends on how you live your life.’ ‘It’s getting all confusing.’ ‘Okay leave it. So where were we? About the story that I was contemplating on writing?’ ‘Yes. So tell me more about it. If it’s going to be a conversation-only story, wouldn’t it become a play?’ ‘No, not really. There’s no theatrical element here. It’s just a story of two normal people talking to each other about quintessential everyday life.’ ‘Okay. I still wonder why anyone would want to read it.’ ‘To reach the end.’ ‘What’s the end going to be then?’ ‘If I tell you that, you won’t read it.’

16 FEB AT 17:00

Would you like 
your library 
to live-in 
with mine?

Starting an open challenge #ValentineProposal Come up with a witty and inventive Valentine proposal that breaks the clichés and is fresh and new. Urging witty guns Ayushi Dauneriya, Bharath Nandibhatla, Gayathri Sitaraman, Anuup Kamal Agrawal and Danish Kamal to participate

14 FEB AT 13:40