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Writer. Thinker. Dreamer. Likes and followers are a very pleasant consequence of YQ. But I write because I love the feeling of stringing words together to make a story.

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Her mind, seduced, 
Her body, ravaged, 
Her heart, broken, 
Her spirit, survived.

That's all it takes.

26 APR AT 22:58

I fell 
Into your eyes 
Trapped by your irises
Sinking in those black holes
Swimming all the way to your deep soul
But while your gaze had held me prisoner
You were content to coast on the surface

Look into my eyes.

10 APR AT 19:21

The mind is a funny thing, 
A little bit like life itself, 
The magic begins when, 
You actually use it well.

Use it or lose it.

18 JAN AT 17:03

Spell broken, 
Eyes open.

#4wordverse Thank you, Bharath Nandibhatla and Harsh Snehanshu for the tag! I nominate Saumya Snehil, Percy Bharucha and Rituparna Nayak!

3 DEC 2016 AT 11:20