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Gayathri Sitaraman 

Writer. Thinker. Dreamer. Likes and followers are a very pleasant consequence of YQ. But I write because I love the feeling of stringing words together to make a story.

Spell broken, 
Eyes open.

#4wordverse Thank you, Bharath Nandibhatla and Harsh Snehanshu for the tag! I nominate Saumya Snehil, Percy Bharucha and Rituparna Nayak!

3 DEC 2016 AT 11:20

"Hie babez, hw r u?", he said 
I felt like I'd been knocked in the head
The romantic in me had been looking for a Kazi
Was stopped in the tracks by my inner Grammar Nazi
For she nearly got cancer after what she read

There you go, Harsh! I hope this #LameLimerick is lame enough. It's a true story (somewhat), after all. I tag Veen, Vijayendrar, Shikha, Sakshi and Ramya Maddali!

1 DEC 2016 AT 10:03