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If hearts were landmines, you would be tripping one right now.

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We all are punctuations hiding behind emoticons.

Cloak and dagger.

5 MAY AT 17:06

It is crippling
to be so afraid
of sitting a few metres away
from a sea that winds at your feet.
I am afraid to get up
and walk up to the waves.
I do not know how to stop.
I would not know how to.
You look at the fabric of time
twisting itself through
Iterations of itself.
You let the tides turn,
much like waves crave for the moon,
like the wolf howls for the moon.
You are sitting a few metres away.
You can pine all you want.
The shortest of journeys
would become the longest,
you are petrified.


29 APR AT 18:39

I wonder
if I am the only one.
Do you sit in the backseat
constantly imagining
how your car would crash,
and everybody would survive,
but you?
Do you let the sea wash your feet
and walk into it,
without any intentions
of stopping?
You dream up
scenarios where you drown.
It is almost funny
that this thought makes you smile;
you are smiling after an entire week now.
Do you stand on top of a hill,
look at the vast expense of flora
a hundred feet below,
and keep wondering if a gush of wind
would be so kind.
You were never humble,
you were never sweet.
Your parents admit
that they pray 
you were never born.
The stories on your skin
are just foolish attempts 
at setting bookmarks 
in a book that is burning from every corner.
I wonder
if I am the only one
who stand with open arms,
embracing death
like a lover you have not met for a long time now.

Old friend.

29 APR AT 16:43