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A Lanky Voice

I sometimes wake upto cool ideas. I'm not kidding, I dream of them. Anyway, this is a social experiment. I would like to know what the words I post mean to you. There will always be a subject and an unusual descriptive word. For example here, subject: voice, descriptive word: lanky, a word that is not usually used to describe a voice but a physique. In the comments I'd like to hear what kind of a voice do you hear when you read it. Long descriptions, short descriptions, even visuals, everything is welcome. You're also welcome to use them as you will if inspiration strikes. Only I'd like to also see how. I also welcome a hashtag for it :) #experimentwithwords #yqbaba #sometimesmymindwanders

19 MAY AT 11:50

I feel privileged, that the same things that bothered me and held me down yesterday, I am able to laugh at today.

Contemplation. Bad days and good days.

25 JAN AT 11:19

I refuse to be your distraction.

I'm not a trip, or a cigarette, or a joint that is your escape from real life. I am real life.

23 JAN AT 15:30