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You came in my life 
and did not change my world. 

you turned it upside down. 

Now I swim in the stars.

All that doesn't glitter is not coal. P.S. - This quote is an original creation by all means. It has been featured by different pages since it's inception. If you have seen this somewhere, instead of commenting, make a plagiarism check on my quote and take a screenshot of the other quote wherever​ it is that you have read it before. #love #yqbaba #stars #world #iandhermusings

19 APR AT 1:06

I am
the wax
you are
the wick.

When I was a teenager, my mother often talked about how very innocent and trusting I was and how the world didn't function like that. How she'll not be there always to protect me. She believes I haven't changed. Ten years since, of which 7 years I've lived alone, I've called her to tell about men and heartbreaks, emotional, physical and professional setbacks, ambitions, dreams, desires, etc. Today, I told her about how yesterday, my consent was breached and my sexuality was violated, how my revolt lacked aggression in the whole incident. She was right, I haven't changed. I saw the Kali in her. Amidst all the abuses she threw, the rage and the preachings, the care and constant calls, I remember her saying, "Jab We Met dekha hai, to kya seekha?" (What did you learn from the movie Jab we met?) I was silent, but I remembered the scene where Geet abuses Anshuman for his cowardice. Anshuman's cowardice is lesser a flaw/crime than breach of consent. She reminded me to be the girl I used to be, who pulled a man down from his bike because he was eve teasing her. She reminded me to be the kind of woman she is who punched a man in his face when he tried to inappropriately touch her. Mother, you'll always be there. I'll be a better feminist. I vow today that I'll protect myself and you'll not need to add knots to your palla to ensure my goodwill. I'm wax, dear mother, and you are my wick. #iandhermusings #yqbaba #mother #candle #strength #flaws #mothersday #momory

13 MAY AT 22:15