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भारी मात्रा में रूढ़िवाद और उधारी के संविधान को 
धर्म कांटे पर चढ़ाया है मालिक।

बदले में खरीदा है एक उदार जुनूनी जत्था,
जिसने भट्ठी की आग से
गरम ताज़ा देश उतारा है 
एकाकी धर्म की चौपाई गाते हुए।

समझिए मालिक, देश को बेचने नहीं, बनाने आये हैं।

#yqbaba #yqdidi #hindi #liberal #iandhermusings #nation #change #mania #build #हिंदी Meanings - रूढ़िवाद - Orthodox उधारी का संविधान - constitution copied from other nations ( here signifying irrelevant old and unrevised constitution ) धर्म काँटा - weigh scales उदार - liberal जुनूनी जत्था - a group of enthusiastic people एकाकी धर्म - one religion ( here humanism )

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I'll cut this grapevine growing on me,
strangling my existence for
poise and society. 
I'll pluck the twigs that were
trapped in my locks
while lying on the grass, 
kissing my lover who left.
I'll break the thorns that crave me, 
only to prick when are denied 
the loan of my love. 
I'll make a garland from the flowers 
of a cactus I lived and loved,
that I shall wear 
on my curvy waist flaunting 
my flabby navel.
I'll nourish the weed growing in my tresses,
for nothing is expected of them, 
for they're destined to be a mess.
I'll grow lilies in my hand, and give them away 
to little girls, 
not as souvenirs from a free woman, 
but as seeds that open a fire of free will.

" नहीं तेरा नशेमन कसरे सुल्तानी के गुम्बद पर तू शाहीन है, बसेरा कर पहाड़ों की चट्टानों में " -Asrapaf Asthanavi ( a dialogue from The Reluctant Fundamentalist ) Wordrobes - Gardener #iandhermusings #yqbaba #free #woman #society #flower #chains #gardener #wordography #lilies #wordrobes #gardener #weeds #seeds #love #will #fire

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