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You came in my life 
and did not change my world. 

you turned it upside down. 

Now I swim in the stars.

All that doesn't glitter is not coal. P.S. - This quote is an original creation by all means. It has been featured by different pages since it's inception. If you have seen this somewhere, instead of commenting, make a plagiarism check on my quote and take a screenshot of the other quote wherever​ it is that you have read it before. #love #yqbaba #stars #world #iandhermusings

19 APR AT 1:06

Ode to my Vice Bearer

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Oh dear Cuckoo, I wonder why you found home in the Nimtree of my kitchen garden despite the bitter fruits that it delightfully gifts you. Do you like the shape of its pointy leaves, or do you prefer the health in bitterness that it brings to your sweetness? Or should I find delight in assuming that you come to Coo back to my Cuckoo calls? Seven Coos in a row, first thine, then mine, ending with your high pitched Coohoos showing white flags to our arguments which go on fulfilling the urge to linger just a little more despite the usual whiney notes. My dear Cuckoo, I'll plant a Gulmohar of fire flowers for you. Stay, to make musical my garden's evenings. Stay, to answer my cuckoo calls. Stay, for I want you to. Stay, for I love your authentic Coos. #iandhermusings #yqbaba #cuckoo #coo #tree #sweet #bitter #ode #dedicate #love #stay #note Irregular English Ode.

26 MAR AT 4:56

Homeless in Holi

..Cont in caption.

Last Holi, when I was ousted from my paternal home, a loving dear friend decided to give me refuge. It was the first time in my life that I played with colours. It was the first time when I wasn't covered from head to toe in oversized shirts or kurtas to hide my body and breasts if and when someone from the cherished extended family would forcefully sneak in and drench me in coloured water. It was the first time that I wasn't told to stay inside the house and reveal myself only when called for. It was the first time that I wasn't instructed to dress up in salwar kameez. It was the first time that I played holi and ran around in a t-shirt, a payjama and a pair of chappals chasing friends. It was the first time I did not fear being groped and I wasn't. It was the first time I looked like a hybrid of a steel utensil and black grapes moulded into a human. Post drinking the holy bhaang and singing, I carelessly snatched the dirty dupatta of my friend's mother and draped it around my head to complete the refugee look. My friend clicked a picture of me in my now horribly amusing attire. I sent the picture to you giving you a chance to make fun of me for a change. Instead, you counted the number of times my dupatta was draped carelessly around my neck blessing me by running over my colourful head. You told me how you loved the dupatta doning my face that was drenched in the tradition of colours. You told me how beautiful I looked with my eyes piercing yours from that dark face smiling at you. I loved you more in that moment. I found home in you. Two months later, you left me to be destroyed in your love and your lack of love. I marinated myself with the colours that dripped from what was left of us. A year later, when I'm white and colourless, it dawns on me that you loved a woman who was draped in the dupatta of calm lacking the sequin made of confrontation. I showed my true colours. So did you. That Holi, I was ousted from two patriarchal homes. One belonged to me, the other belonged to you. #holi #story #theme #iandhermusings #homeless #patriarchy #you #love #loss #dupatta #colours #yqbaba #holi #happyholi Wishing everyone a Happy Holi (:

13 MAR AT 1:57

The Man with Silver Blood

You take a quick look 
and then turn a blind eye towards me. 
You see the mercury
gushing out of my wounds.
Yes, you look at me 
as if I were poisoned. 
Aren't you amazed 
that I'm still breathing? 
You are. 
But you see, 
mercury did not wound me.
You did. 
Your gut is full of it,
carefully packed,
suffocating you,
making you ignore 
your deep dark desires
that you think are unnatural.
I let my mercury take over me, 
I let it colour me 
the beautiful silver. 
Now you'll see, 
why I love the glitter.

.. continued in caption.

----------------- I am a man who loves to curl his eyelashes. I fancy looking at myself in the mirror licking my deep red matt lips. You can smell the floral Burberry in my neck concealed by my bottle green polka scarf. The pink eye shadow makes me look dreamy and my tights make my butt look cute. I'm waiting for the day when they'll launch a range of halters with laces. And oh, the crystal stellitoes! Don't you see my design? Now that you have noticed me, ignored my presence in my face, carry on with your day, and remember me later. Describe me to your friends and give me a sick nick name, remember my face and have a good laugh Remember my face. Tell them that you and me, we both love faux. I bought faux fur, you bought faux pas. I give you fauxpology, you give me fauxminism. -------------------------------------- #feminism #design #yqbaba #man #woman #love #silver #soul #transvestite #faux #pseudo #iandhermusings Post women's day feminism.

10 MAR AT 2:37

The Dogcatcher 

(Story in the caption.)

The Better Disappointment. --------------------------------------- "Run! Run!", with his teeth clenched, he repeated in his head. The long stick with a metallic hoop at one end large enough to become the garland of death of another manfriend, was like a magnified bubble hoop. He tried to put the hoop around the neck of the wailing dog hiding under the white Maruti, but it's incessantly moving snout was making the task difficult. "Run! Look, there is a little space beside the car, you'll fall in the drain but you'll be away from me and my likes. Save yourself." But the dog couldn't read his mind. Trying to catch the little dog's head, he thought about Tikua. "Back in Basti, I had a friend Tikua. I saved him from the nearby lake with algal boom. Amma hated him, but he loved me. I loved him. We lived together, by first sharing the food, then by walking together, then crying together, jumping together... Tikua had speed that no other dog in the village had. He was swift and brave. You are not like him. He was white, like you are. But you are not like him." The little dog gave up after putting a 20 minute fight. He pulled the string of the hoop tight. The dog let out a deafening cry. "Tikua is disappointed in me, even though I've praised him 23 times before. Tikua must be disappointed with you. You get the better disappointment." And he shut the little dog in the van. -------------------------------------------- #iandhermusings #dog #love #shortstory #disappointment

25 FEB AT 14:05