Abhinav Jain







Waqt hi to hai...
'Badal Jayega'
Aaj tera hai...
"Kal Mera Aayega". 😏

7 FEB AT 21:52

Vo Mere Bina खुश hai,
To Shikayat Kaisi...
Ab उसे khush bhi na Dekhu,
To मौहब्बत Kaisi... ❤

6 FEB AT 12:25

Every Successful Person has one thing in Common "a lot of Rejections" 
So next time if Someone rejects you smile and Give note to self "I'll show them". :)


30 JAN AT 0:45

400 friends and 2k+ Followers on Facebook..
Still No one to Share Feelings with..

27 JAN AT 23:56

"Good Night Babu Take Care"
- He said and hang up the Call...
The next Moment she dialed another Number.

26 JAN AT 23:19

Fikar to teri aaj bhi hoti hai..
Bas zikar krne ka hak nhi hai....

26 JAN AT 22:37

Dear Guys,
Be a Helping Hand for Your Father...
Instead of..
Being an ATM Machine for a Fake Girl...

26 JAN AT 17:18