Abhinav Jain







Using samsung earphones in delhi metro :
Bagal wala - Nice song
Door wala - 👌
Announcement - Ye gaana bahot acha hai ... This song is very nice .

6 APR AT 20:35

"Don't let Anyone treat You like Cigarette,
They only Use you when they're bored and Step over you when they are done. You are damn drugs, Let them die for you."

10 MAR AT 13:20

Sometimes it happens...
Someone says You can't do this or You can't do that don't waste your time it will give you 'Nothing'. After this I starts thinking, What if it is only "ME" who is Wrong and else are Right. What I am doing is really for me? Or that's just what i think? What if All that I am doing is Not meant for Me?
Sometimes even I get affected too much by their talks that I just feel like i should Quit all this, leave and just start my Journey to become an average "Follower" a follower who does a 9 to 5 job, have limited resources , have same house everyone else has, drives same car everyone else does.
But then a Voice invokes in my Heart "Lol, Hogya Tera? Kaam kare ab?."

9 MAR AT 0:11

" Failure is a brilliant indicator of
 How Close You are to Success. "

7 MAR AT 16:32

" You are not Tired,
    You are Uninspired. "

7 MAR AT 16:29

Waqt hi to hai...
'Badal Jayega'
Aaj tera hai...
"Kal Mera Aayega". 😏

7 FEB AT 21:52